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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of window should I buy?
    Start with your budget. Your basic options, from most to least expensive, are wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. Most people feel that wood windows are the most authentic. Fiberglass windows are extremely durable and paintable if you want to change the colors of the frames. Vinyl windows are extremely energy and cost efficient.
  • What about longevity?
    These days, they’re all quite durable—although fiberglass windows were only introduced ten or so years ago, so it’s hard to know just yet. Vinyl windows have gotten better since they’ve started using sophisticated polymers that don’t break down or warp in sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Vinyl is extremely long-lasting.
  • Does caulking guarantee no leaks?
    No. When caulking is maintained over the years it does a great job, but sometimes water can still find it's way in if the caulking is not painted after installation.
  • Can I replace a window myself?
    With some skill and resourcefulness, yes. But if you’re not confident in your skills, hire someone. It will give you peace of mind at a reasonable price.
  • What kind of glass do I use to qualify for a tax rebate?
    All glass installers essentially use the same glass, called Low-E (Low Emissivity). Due to its energy efficiency, it qualifies for the $5000 tax credit through the American Recovery Act. There are other glass products and technologies that offer even greater energy efficiency and savings.
  • Do you do free estimates?
    Absolutely. Contact us directly for a free estimate.
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