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We Sell & Install Entry & Interior Doors

Residential doors can be categorized into two main types: exterior and interior. Exterior doors encompass a variety of entrances, including the main entry door, patio doors, and supplementary doors like those leading to the garage, kitchen, or laundry room. On the other hand, interior doors are designed for spaces within the home and include bedroom doors, bathroom doors, closet doors, pantry doors, and even doors concealing household utilities like water heaters. This classification underscores the diverse functionality and purpose that doors serve in a residential setting, contributing to both the aesthetic appeal and functional organization of a home.

Entry doors can be crafted from a diverse range of wood types like fir, mahogany, alder, oak, poplar, cherry, or composite materials such as fiberglass. Patio doors, produced by window companies, are commonly constructed from wood with exterior cladding, vinyl, or fiberglass. All doors are offered in a variety of colors. Interior doors, usually made of wood, can be molded and are offered as either solid-core or hollow-core products.

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