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What to Expect During Window Replacement 

Window replacement in Castro Valley, CA isn’t something homeowners encounter often. In fact, if they are lucky you should only replace windows once or twice while you live in the home. That means most homeowners have a ton of questions about what the process entails. Here is a generalized list of what the process might look like, and the kind of service you can expect from a professional installer: 


Before anything else, homeowners sit down with a design consultant and choose the window options they want in their home. They will choose the window material, styles, and the glazing technologies that will give them the most value. Here is where they get questions answered about the different products. Then, based on the time it will take for delivery, the company schedules an installation date. 

Touch Base

Prior to the installation, the window company will reach out to the homeowner to confirm the appointment. They will also provide instructions on how to prepare for the home for the installation team and answer any last minute questions the homeowners might have. 

Initial Walk Through

On the day of installation, the job foreman will walk from room to room going over the windows that need replacing. This gives them a chance to catch any errors before starting on the project. Discrepancies are rare. Once everything is checked off the list they will get started on the installation. 

Site Preparation

The installation crew will get to work preparing for the removal of old windows and installation of new ones. Professional technicians should treat the home as if it were their own. They will prep the areas with drop cloths and scaffolding to help minimize the construction debris. 

Window Removal and Installation

Once the drop cloths and barriers are in place the team will get to work. Working from room to room they will likely remove one window at a time and immediately replace it. This is the best way to minimize the home’s exposure to the elements. Once the old window is out they place the new window in the opening, level it with shims, and secure it. They complete the insulation and seal around the frame, and add the exterior finish. Most crews can replace anywhere from 5 to 10 windows in a day. 

Finish Work and Clean Up

Larger projects will likely bleed into a second day. The installation crew will finish up the project and begin site cleanup. The new windows are the only thing that should be left behind. 

Final Walk Through

Before clearing out the job foreman will once more walk through the home with the homeowner. They will explain the operation and maintenance of new windows and answer any additional questions you have about products, services, and warranties. 

Get the Best Window Installation

When it comes to Castro Valley, CA window replacement you want to make sure the installation is done right. One wrong move or measurement could result in leaks or premature breakdown. For an installation team you can trust contact Quality Windows & Doors at (925) 484-1747. Or visit our showroom at 

3732 Stanley Blvd. Ste. B, Pleasanton, CA 94566. 

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