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What Styles are Available for Replacement Windows?

When deciding on replacement windows in Danville, CA, style is probably a top priority. Homeowners want windows that are attractive, functional, and energy efficient. There are so many options. These are some of the most popular window styles on the market right now: 

1. Picture Windows

These fixed windows come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes Because they do not open and close they are more affordable than, as long as homeowners don’t choose anything too big. That said, they do not open for ventilation or work as an exit in an emergency, but things to keep in mind when deciding on replacement windows. 

2. Sliding Windows

These are one of the most common window styles in new builds. The simple operation of these windows is one moveable sash sliding on a track back and forth over a fixed sash. There are no weights, balances, cranks, or mechanics of any kind. And while these windows are great for ventilation, only half of the window opens.  

3. Single Hung Windows

These are much like sliding windows but rotated. The bottom sash is operable and slides vertically in the jamb. There are several different systems that make these windows work including rope and pulley, spring bolts, sash hooks, or tape balances. Again, only half of the window opens.

4. Double Hung Windows

Much like single hung windows, these operate by sliding up and down. But this time both sashes can move. The key benefit of these replacement windows is homeowners can open both the top and bottom to foster more natural ventilation. These windows work well in any area of the home. 

5. Casement Windows

These windows operate on hinges located to the side of the window. As such, they open and close by swinging out like a door. Most casement windows operate on a hand crank system. And while these windows are not usually as wide as sliding windows, they do open fully so customers can capitalize on improved ventilation. These windows work well in almost any room in the house. But they are especially useful above kitchen sinks or behind couches. This is because as long as a person can reach the crank, they can fully open the window. 

6. Awning Windows

With the hinges of these windows located at the top, the pane opens outward and forms a small awning over the opening. This is great to keep the rain out while still encouraging ventilation. Many homeowners choose to install awning windows in bedrooms and bathrooms. 

7. Hopper Windows

Not as popular as awning windows, but there is still a place and use for hopper windows. These replacement windows hinge at the top or bottom. But unlike awning windows, hopper windows open into the room. 

8. Bay Windows

These projection windows have a unique style. Typically two smaller, operable windows flank a larger, fixed window. And with the two smaller window set on an angle, the entire unit projects outside, giving the homeowner more square footage inside. These windows are great for clients looking to add some extra storage to a living room or bedroom. 

These are only a few of the styles offered at Quality Windows and Doors. If you are looking for Danville, CA replacement windows contact our experts today at (925) 484-1747 or stop by 3732 Stanley Blvd Ste B, Pleasanton, CA 94566. 

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