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What Should I Do About Leaky Windows?

Over time the components on your windows start to break down. Gaps will develop in the assembly and repeated exposure can have a big impact on your windows and home. It results in energy leaks and can cause significant damage. Eventually, you will need to do repairs or get replacement windows in Dublin, CA. here are a few things you can do to test for and repair your leaky windows.

Signs of Window Leaks

There are several things to watch for when looking for a window leak. You might notice overt signs like discoloration, peeling paint, or patches of mold or rot. But there are more subtle signs as well, like a draft in the room or condensation between the panes. You can also test windows by closing all exterior fenestration, running the exhaust fans in the house, and running an incense stick around window frames. If the smoke pulls towards you the window probably has a leak that needs to be repaired.

Draft Snake

If you are looking for an affordable solution for leaky windows you can use a draft snake. It is similar to the products used to block leaks from underneath a door. Similar products are available to use for windows. Simply trim the draft snake to the right length, place it on the sill, and shut the window on it. This improves the seal and can help block window drafts. Granted, this is a temporary solution. Leaks will only get worse over time.

Weather Stripping

Sometimes it is simply the weather stripping that has broken down. You can remove the old strip and replace it with new, more robust material. This can help mitigate leaks.


If the gaps are not coming from worn weather stripping, you might have gaps in the frame. If they are small enough, you can fill the gaps with caulk. It is a pliable, sticky substance that molds into the spaces. It will improve the seals on your windows and close off the narrow drafts.

Window Film

One option many homeowners consider is window film. It is a clear, plastic sheeting you can often purchase from the hardware store. You can apply it to the windows and use a heated hair dryer to complete the application. It can improve the seals on your windows, close out drafts, and give you some buffer for efficiency. But again, it is often a temporary solution.

Replacement Windows

Most repairs are short term solutions, and while they will save you money up front they will not last forever. If you really want to fix your old windows you need to get replacements from a trusted installation company. They can get the job done right and you won’t have to worry about leaks anymore.

For more information about replacement windows in Dublin, CA contact the professionals at Quality Windows & Doors, Inc. You can call (925) 484-1747. Or you can visit the showroom at

3732 Stanley Blvd. Ste. B, Pleasanton, CA 94566.

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