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What are the Best Replacement Windows for More Natural Light? 

Windows are not only a convenience, but they are also a necessity in every home. Not only do windows provide natural ventilation and improve security, but also provide energy savings for your home. However, another feature of windows that homeowners often overlook is providing natural light. And if your current products are not providing enough natural light, it might be time to consider replacement windows in Walnut Creek, CA

Benefits of Natural Light in the Home

Natural light does more than just help you see. It reduces the need for and cost of artificial light. It makes a space feel warmer and more open. It is proven to improve focus and productivity. And it can also improve your mood, sleeping patterns, and overall well-being. With so many benefits it is time to make natural light a greater priority in your home.

Best Window Styles to Increase Natural Light

Here are a few of the top replacement window styles that will filter in more natural light:

Skylights and Solar Tubes

These are a great option if you want to capitalize on more natural light, but don’t want to compromise precious wall space in your home. Because you install these windows in the roof, they are up and out of the way. Skylights are larger and more expensive, but they offer up a view of the sky. Solar tubes are different, in that they reflect the natural light through a tube, acting more as a light than a window to the sky. These installations can work in any room. Many homeowners choose to install them in bathrooms and bedrooms because they allow for both light and privacy. 

Clerestory Windows

These can be one large window or a series of windows set high on the wall, above eye level. They can be operable or non-operable windows and can quickly transform a room with added natural light. Because these windows draw the eye upward, they make a space feel taller. They also work to illuminate larger spaces. If you have an open concept floor plan you might try adding clerestory windows above your entertainment center or kitchen cabinets. 

Bay and Bow Windows

These beautiful installations feature not one, but several windows installed as a single unit. Bay windows feature one larger window flanked by two other windows set on an angle. As such, bay windows project outside adding not only more natural light but also some extra square footage. Bow windows are similar, but instead of three windows, these feature four or more windows set on a curve. These types of windows can allow light in from different angles throughout the day. They work well in living rooms, sitting rooms, and master bedrooms. 

Picture Windows

Though these windows do not open and close for ventilation, they do allow plenty of natural light to filter indoors. Picture windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For more natural light you want to choose larger styles that can be as wide or as tall as you choose. These windows will make a great statement piece in almost anywhere, but most homeowners choose to install them in formal sitting rooms, living rooms, and master suits. 

Looking for more information on some of these window styles? Contact us at (925) 484-1747. The experts of Quality Windows & Doors offer the best replacement windows in Walnut Creek, CA. With over 20 years of experience, they can help you find the right products to get more natural light in your home. Visit us at 3732 Stanley Blvd. Ste. B, Pleasanton, CA 94566 today. 

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