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Options for Childproofing Your Replacement Windows

Most accidents that happen to children happen in the home. Young children are mostly unaware of the risks around them. This includes windows, which can be a real threat. The light and view windows promise is a real draw for young children. But when they climb up onto the sill they could put themselves in real danger. How do you keep your replacement windows in Concord, CA safe? There are plenty of tips and products on the market you might consider. Here a few of the most useful: 

Clear the Area

You want to make sure you do what you can to limit a child’s access to windows, especially those on the second story. Remove items from children’s rooms they can use to stack and climb to gain access to the windows. And when placing furniture keep safety in mind by not putting beds, chairs, or bookshelves beneath windows. This simple step could mean you no longer have need of baby-proofing products for your windows. 

Install Window Guards

When it comes to child safety, standard windows screens are not enough. If a child pushes against the screen with enough force it could fall out or break. The best option is to choose something more secure. Window guards are like a baby gate, except it is one you use in the windows. It will prevent your child from climbing up and falling. And though they are meant to keep children away, these guards are easy for adults to operate if you want to open and close your windows. 

Get Products With Latches and Locks

Some windows come with locks and latches. It is just a matter or remembering to close windows and use these devices to keep windows safe. There are a variety of products and styles that come with locking mechanisms, and that is an important consideration when looking at replacement windows. 

Choose Safe Shades and Blinds

Cords for blinds and shades are another concern when it comes to window safety. Children are drawn to the dangling baubles and it is easy for them to get tangled up in the strings. To prevent accidental strangulation homeowners should consider investing in cordless shades and blinds. Or at the very least use hooks to keep cords out of reach. 

Install Window Stops

There are several different products you can install that act as window stops. One option is a wedge shape you attach inside the track that prevents windows from opening too wide. That way you can still crack the window for ventilation, but keep the opening narrow enough a child will not fall through. Another option is a Charley Bar. This drops into place when the window shuts, and you have to move it out of the way to get the window back open again. 

Get Laminated Glass

Another safety feature on replacement windows you need to consider is safety glass. The special interlayer on these windows causes the glass to adhere on impact. A few small pieces might fall out, but the glass will crack, but remain mostly intact. 

If you have more questions about products and replacement windows in Concord, CA that will keep children safe call Quality Windows & Doors at (925) 484-1747. Our experts can walk you through all the different products and help you find solutions for your home. Visit our showroom at 3732 Stanley Blvd. Ste. B, Pleasanton, CA 94566. 

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