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Keep Replacement Windows Clean all Summer

It can be particularly difficult to keep your replacement windows in top shape in the summertime. The local climate calls for occasional rain, heavy pollen, tree sap, and other types of dirt and debris. These are all notorious for griming up windows and making them a little harder to maintain. So if you want to enjoy beautiful replacement windows in Livermore, CA this summer, it is important to employ some of these helpful tips:

Know When to Wash

You might think bright and sunny summer days are a great time to wash your windows. But once you get started you might realize just how much the heat dries out your windows before you have the chance to properly wipe them down. The end result is often a streaky mess. Also, the heat gets inside your home, running up your air conditioning. Don’t waste your time washing windows on a hot day. It’s actually better to wait out the heat and clean your windows in the early hours of the morning or after the sun starts to go down.

Use the Right Cleaner

Not all windows and window cleaning products are created equal. Older windows that have seen more wear and tear might require stronger cleaning products to get rid of stubborn stains and spots, especially on the outside where sap and pollen can stick. To get these windows clean you might require a strip applicator that allows you to scrub windows clean without scratching them. Higher quality replacement windows are easier to clean and maintain. All you need is water, a mild detergent, glass cleaner, and lint-free cloths to keep these products looking new.

Dry with the Right Materials

Some people recommend using paper towels to dry windows and some stand by using newspapers for a streak-free shine. It just depends on who you ask. We often recommend a microfiber cloth to dry windows to a perfect shine. They are soft, lint-free, super absorbent, and reusable.

Never use Harsh Chemicals or Abrasives

The last thing you want to do is damage your windows by using the wrong cleaning products. Harsh chemicals and abrasives can damage the coatings on your windows. And using a power washer to clean your windows can break the seals and cause leaks. Using the right products will help prolong the life of your windows so they will look great and last for years to come.

Benefits of a Clean Window

Dirty windows make a home look dingy, unkempt, and can decrease the value of your home. Crystal-clear windows have the opposite effect adding value and enhancing beauty. They also allow more natural light to filter inside making your rooms feel larger and more welcoming. But sometimes, no matter what you do, the old windows deteriorate to a point beyond repair.

Know When to Get Window Replacement

If you struggle to maintain your windows and keep them looking clean it might be because your windows have gotten too old. It might be time to invest in replacement windows in Livermore, CA. Contact Quality Windows & Doors Inc. to get a quote. You can call (925) 484-1747 or stop by 3732 Stanley Blvd. Ste. B, Pleasanton, CA 94566.

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