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Homeowners Biggest Concerns about Window Replacement 

Window replacement in Danville, CA is something homeowners tend to put off as long as possible. Here are just a few of the most common reasons homeowners are hesitant:

They Think Current Windows are Fine

Many homeowners are unaware of what to watch for as windows age and break down over time. They think their windows work fine, or that the problems they notice are all minor and they can put off repairs or replacement. It is just another quirk of the home, right? Actually no. There are several signs that indicate it is time for replacement windows including difficult operation, broken latches, and air leaks. 

They Believe Window Replacement is Too Expensive

It’s true, replacement windows are a large investment. They are not a home improvement to take lightly. But what many homeowners do not realize is how much their old windows are actually costing them. Over time the seals start to break down, resulting in air leaks and faulty insulation. Problems are inevitable, especially if windows are more than 15 years old. You can lose about 30 percent of your heating and cooling right out the windows. The costs add up from month to month, costing you hundreds of dollars annually. 

They Would Rather Get Repair Instead of Replacement 

Some window problems are fixable with repair. You can apply caulk or weather stripping to seal up gaps. Or repair a broken pane with a new window sash. Beyond that though, widow problems can be complex, and there isn’t much you can do. There is no real way to correct fogging between the panes. You cannot reshape a sagging window frame. There is no reversing water damage from a leaky window. These are the types of problems that require window replacement. 

They Don’t Think Replacement Windows Will Make Much Difference

Most homeowners take their windows for granted. They are also unaware of all the new technologies on the market. There are so many ways replacement windows can improve the comfort and functionality of your home. Double pane IGUs now have inert gas fills that provide better insulation. Low-E coatings can reflect radiant heat so the home remains comfortable no matter the weather. Materials on modern windows are also stronger and last longer than ever before. All of these improvements add up to make a significant difference. 

They Believe it is Too Late for Window Installation

It is never too late for window replacement. This is not a seasonal home improvement. Most homeowners think you can only get new windows in spring and summer, but professional installers can get the job done year round. Don’t put off the project any longer. 

To visit with a consultant for window replacement in Danville, CA contact the experts at Quality Windows & Doors. You can schedule an appointment at (925) 484-1747 or stop by 3732 Stanley Blvd. Ste. B, Pleasanton, CA 94566. Our goal is to provide the best window experience possible.  

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