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Best Replacement Windows to Use in the Basement

Whether you are looking to expand your living space or boost the value of your home, finishing the basement is a great home improvement. But it is important you don’t overlook your basement windows. They let in light and ventilation. They protect your home from the elements. They provide security and insulation. But because many people can’t afford to finish their basement until years after purchasing their homes, basement windows often get overlooked. You might need replacement windows in Livermore, CA if you are finishing your basement. Here are a few styles you should consider:

Basement Awning Windows

These windows feature hinges at the top and push outward to open. The pane of glass then creates a small roof over the window opening. They are such a good option for the basement because they help to keep debris and rain away from the window opening. That way no matter what is happening outside you can still get fresh air. They are also easy to operate and maintain. You can place these windows higher up on the wall if your basement is partially above ground.

Basement Hopper Windows

These are much like awning windows except they hinge at the bottom and open at the top. They can either open in or out, depending on the configuration and style you prefer. They are popular because again they are easy to operate and maintain. They also feature latches at the top so they are secure.

Basement Sliding Windows

These windows are popular throughout the upper levels of the home, and also in the basement. They are a standard because there are no mechanical parts or hinges to worry about. These windows simply feature a sliding sash that moves back and forth on a track and overlaps with a fixed sash. The reason these work so well in the basement is that you do not have to account for any extra space for them to open and close.

Single Hung or Double Hung Windows

These are similar to sliding windows, but instead of moving horizontally on a track these windows move up and down inside the frame. On a single hung window, one pane moves and the other is fixed. On a double hung window, both panes move up and down. While not as common as some of the other window styles, they can still work in the basement. These are great for ventilation, and again there is no outswing so they can work in tighter spaces like window wells.

Clerestory Windows

Natural light is the most common concern in basements. But one way to increase the amount of light downstairs is by installing narrow windows at the top of the walls. Even just one or two clerestory windows can help illuminate an otherwise dark space.

Still not sure which replacement windows in Livermore, CA are best for your basement? Contact the experts at Quality Windows & Doors, Inc. We take pride in offering the highest quality products and the best purchase experience. If you are curious about these window styles, stop by 3732 Stanley Blvd. Ste. B, Pleasanton, CA 94566 to check out our showroom. Or call to schedule a free consultation.

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