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5 Common Causes of Leaky Windows

Many homeowners put off replacement windows in Dublin, CA for as long as possible. Granted, it is a sizable investment and not an easy home improvement project to navigate. Getting new windows requires time, research, decision making, and availability. Instead of upgrading many homeowners simply deal with the inconveniences of old, leaky windows. Some of them include unwanted outside noise, moisture leaks, and drafts in certain parts of your home. Why is your window leaking? Here are a few of the most common causes:

1. Age

Nothing lasts forever, not even windows. Over time the materials on all windows will break down causing faulty seals and gaps in the assembly. This is why the average lifespan on most windows is about 20 years before they start outliving their usefulness. How old are the windows in your home? If you are approaching the 20 year mark you have probably started noticing the signs of leaky windows. 

2. Advanced Wear and Tear

Some windows in your home get more use than others, like windows in the kitchen and living areas. The latches might break, the weights fall out of balance, or weather stripping gets worn away. Because of the excessive use, they are often the first to fail. And when they do there is no telling how far behind the rest of your windows will be. 

3. Faulty Installation 

Another leading cause of leaky windows is poor installation. The process may seem straight forward, but the truth is window installation is meticulous work. It takes training, strength, skill, and special tools. One mistake could lead to leaks, moisture damage, and inefficient windows. It isn’t something you want to do yourself or leave to a general contractor or unreliable company. 

4. Improper Window Maintenance

Modern windows don’t require much maintenance, but still, some homeowners forget how to take care of their windows. You should never use pressure washers, harsh chemicals, or abrasives on your windows. Instead, it only requires warm water, a gentle detergent, and a soft cloth to keep windows clean. And when you clear the tracks use a silicone lubricant to help maintain smooth operation. 

5. Mold and Pests

High moisture and humidity create the perfect climate for mold and pests. If you have seen discoloration around your window frame, peeling paint, or signs of water damage then mold might be a concern. Pests scratch, nibble, and contaminate almost everything they touch. If you notice signs of pests around your windows you should start doing what you can to eliminate them. 

You want to make sure to resolve these problems as quickly as possible before drafty windows do more than just cause a spike in your energy bills. If you need replacement windows in Dublin, CA contact the experts at Quality Windows & Doors. You can call (925) 484-1747 to schedule an appointment. Or visit us at 3732 Stanley Blvd. Ste. B, Pleasanton, CA 94566 with any questions you have about leaky windows. Our experts can walk you through all our products and help you find the best solutions for your home. 

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